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Call for Papers
2016 Advisory Committee Symposium
20 October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

This year’s symposium addresses the destruction of cultural heritage through natural disasters and armed conflict. The destruction of places of symbolic value has long been a device of war, with societies and civilizations overturned and their artefacts dissipated and destroyed.
We are currently witnessing the the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage through armed conflict in many parts of the world.
Increasingly we are also witnessing the destruction of heritage places through severe natural disasters that are expected to increase as climate change generates extreme weather events.
The theme of POST-DISASTER RECONSTRUCTION is extremely relevant as societies impacted by natural disasters, terrorism and war seek to rebuild themselves and request external assistance. This brings with it many challenges and risks, as well as possible opportunities.

Abstracts for papers and posters are expected to be short documents which contain a clear statement of the topic, the research question and examples of clear case studies and good practices.
The content of abstracts for submission should include:
- Clear objectives
- Methodology
- Summary of key findings and recommendations
- A short outline of historical and contemporary case studies relating to your topic.
Abstracts should be submitted in English or French. The text must not exceed 500 words and must be typed according to the template below.

Abstracts should be sent by email in both Word and PDF formats to scsymposiumicomos2016@gmail.com by 3 June 2016. Please include the words ‘2016 Scientific Council Symposium’ in the subject line of your email.

For more information, please visit: